Know how,
can do.

is a new programming school.

Our mission is to accelerate the learning of digital technologies for African youth.

Master the most powerful development tools.

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Without the massive energy of African youth, we will not be able to meet the challenges facing the future of our planet. To create opportunities matching the talent and influence of our connected youth, we’ve founded FATA. In the soussou language, it means “know how, can do”.

Oumie Yansané
Oumie Yansané
Co-Founder FATA


Peer learning

Working in pairs allows learners to overcome their difficulties more quickly and keep their training sessions going longer

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Learners define their own objectives and learn to learn thanks to daily self-assessments

drawing of a black woman looking at a dashboard.

Online and onsite learning

Our classroom will provide broadband internet connection to allow learners to easily work in groups and access our online learning platform in excellent conditions.

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Djoumé Salvetti

Djoumé Salvetti

Alumnus of the École Normale Supérieure of Cachan, former Collegiate Professor at Polytech-Sorbonne University and Director of Software Engineering at Shopify. Djoumé is currently developing an e-learning platform for software developers selected for FATA BOOTCAMP.

Oumie Yansané

Oumie Yansané

Oumie holds a master's degree in Quality Management and Sustainable Development and is a former entrepreneur in the Social and Solidarity Economy. After years working in Management Control for various NGOs, Oumie provides now workshops in financial management and will supervise FATA START UP.

Mohamed Soumah

Mohamed Soumah

Alumnus of University Julius Nyéréré of Kankan, chemist in charge of Quality Control for the city of Conakry, Guinea. Mohamed Soumah, who's a founding benefactor member of FATA, built the MARI BRA DEV school where FATA's pilot project will be hosted.

Élise Ondet

Élise Ondet

A graduate of Sciences Po Lyon, former export consultant for small and medium companies, Elise started a career in communication and social media after moving to Canada. Trilingual (French-English-Russian), Elise will leverage her expertise in communications to support FATA's development strategy and activities.

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